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    • Nonexclusive Jurisdiction的涵義?

      Exclusive jurisdiction agreements, by which the parties agree that each party may only sue..., defending) proceedings in any other court having jurisdiction over the case. 合約雙方如有爭議以高雄地方法院為唯一管轄院 exclusive jurisdiction...

    • 商事法五題題目-翻譯 & 解答

      ...補充: 沒翻完!!1. Describe the difference between Jurisdiction and Venue. what is the effect of ...基礎課程上網搜尋應該可以找到(你若找到我可以幫你翻譯及解說).上課沒課本?怎麼考試? 2006-03-06 16:08:40...

    • 英文文法解析-in whose jurisdictions

      我沒有辦法作精準的翻譯,但是 whose 所引導的形容詞子句部份如下 ... whose + n =the + n. + of which the jurisdictions in which the PSEs are establilshed =in ...