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  1. just as well

    • ph.
      同樣的理由; 倒也不錯
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    • ph.
    • 1. 同樣的理由; 倒也不錯

      You may just as well tell me the truth. 你還是對我說實話的好。

      It's just as well. 這樣也不妨。

    • ph. 倒不如, 滿可以

    • The weather was so bad on holiday we might just as well have stayed at home. 假日的天氣很壞, 我們呆在家裡也不錯。

    • ph. 是明智的

    • It would be just as well to lock the door when you go out. 出去的時候最好還是鎖上門。

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      ... would be as well to take an umbrella.帶雨傘比較好吧。或 It is just as well to be careful.還是小心吧。

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