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    • 文法問題: " Oh, tear ducts and rust".??

      (1) 在"Just give me a reason" 這首歌中 ,"Oh tear ducts and rust...pronounce every much the same. Just that, "happenin" 在發音時 , 少了'g' 的...

    • 想要問這一句的中文翻譯..

      ...know how to find me. i'm sick of waiting, but we still need to talk! just give me a reason. that's enough 你知道我想要的是甚麼也知道如何找到我.我已厭煩等待 但...

    • 請幫我翻譯這這首歌---Without Me

      ...long 任何漫長的一天 Just turn it on 只要播... or without me holding you at...擁抱著妳 Take a pink one 挑個桃紅色...先生挑一個紅的吧 Give me a reason 給我一個相信的理由...