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    • 文法問題: " Oh, tear ducts and rust".??

      (1) 在"Just give me a reason" 這首歌中 ,"Oh tear ducts and rust... and (all things) rust", (b) ∵ 這是一句「歌詞」, ∴ 可有 "special allowance" (理由 : 要配合「音樂...

    • 幫我翻譯一下這歌詞Before I Fall In Love

      ...改變 Please, give me a reason to believe 請讓我有個理由去相信...'s been so hard for me to give my heart away 現在的我已經...everything , 我會給你我所擁有的ㄧ切` just to here you say(you're) 只為了...

    • 求Chicane一首英文歌詞的翻譯~20點~

      ...peace of mind Your careless words undo me, leave the thought of us behind You could give a million reasons change the world and change the time Could...