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    • 辯護,証明正當,釋罪
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    • possible justification

      possible justification: 可能(行得通)的正當理由. 例句: You should not argue with the judge without...法官爭辯的. The police cannot enter our house without possible justification. 警方若無可能的正當理由,是不能進入我們家的. 希望有幫助

    • 英文問題!高手請進!

      ...改正 verify? 正明/證實 testify?作證 justify?判決 justify oneself?判決某人 justification? 判決(名詞) justice?正義

    • 快來救救我~<急>20點

      ...really love. For lovers, love does not need any reasons or justifications but love itself. Nevertheless, even people in love often ask "...