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    • 英文高手請幫我看看英文信這樣寫可以嗎

      信的開頭如下: To Whom It May Concern, (如果不知道收信人的名字) Dear Mr./Mrs./Miss _____, (如果知道收信人的名字) 信的問候語如下: Good morning/afternoon/evening. (以時間來寫問後語) How...

    • 寫給J.K. Rowling的一封信 中翻英

      大約修改了前後幾個有問題的地方, 給你參考一下: I am your Fans of《Harry Porter》in Taiwan. I am appreciate and thank you for writing this book, let me this girl be able to meet with Harry, to know the...

    • 英文履歷自傳中的兩段

      ...practice of international trade, skill and ability of management in international transportation, and keen understanding of Asia-Pacific economic cooperation. In...