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  1. keep

    • IPA[kiːp]



    • vt.
    • vi.
    • n.
    • adv
    • 過去式:kept 過去分詞:kept 現在分詞:keeping

    • 名詞複數:keeps

    • 釋義
    • 片語


    • 1. 使保持 to keep sth. clean/dry 使某物保持清潔/乾燥 to keep sb. awake/amused 使某人醒著/開心
    • 2. 保留 to keep sb.'s attention 保持某人的注意力 keep the change 不用找零錢
    • 3. 預留 to keep sth. for sb., to keep sb. sth. 為某人留某物 she kept him a piece of cake 她給他留了一塊蛋糕
    • 4. 存放 to keep sth. in a box/drawer etc. 把…放在箱子裡/抽屜裡等 a place where the tools are kept 放工具的地方
    • 5. 使繼續進行; 讓…延續 to keep sth. going 讓…不熄滅 to keep sb. waiting/talking/laughing 讓某人一直等/不停說話/笑個不停
    • 6. 耽擱 I won't keep you (but) a minute 我不會耽誤你很久 to keep sb. for questioning 拘留某人問話
    • 7. 備有
    • 8. 經營
    • 9. 料理 to keep house 料理家務 the house was not badly kept 房子收拾得不錯
    • 10. 飼養
    • 11. 供養 to keep sb. in style 供養某人過闊綽的生活 he can afford to keep servants 他僱得起用人
    • 12. 記錄 to keep the accounts 記賬 to keep a diary 寫日記
    • 13. 遵守 to keep the law 遵守法律 to keep one's appointment/promise/word 踐約/遵守諾言/信守諾言
    • 14. 慶祝; 紀念
    • 15. 保護 the Lord bless thee and keep thee 願主賜福予你,保祐你 to keep sb./sth. from ... 使某人/某事物免受…的侵害


    • 1. 保持狀態 to keep warm/calm/fit 保持溫暖/鎮靜/健康 to keep on good terms with sb. 與某人保持良好關係
    • 2. 繼續 to keep doing sth. 繼續做某事 to keep going 繼續工作下去
    • 3. 一直前行 to keep straight on 徑直向前走 to keep west 一直向西
    • 4. 反複做 to keep interrupting/forgetting 老是插嘴/忘記 the phone kept ringing 電話響個不停
    • 5. 留在某處 to keep indoors 待在室內 to keep out of the rain 躲雨
    • 6. 保持新鮮 strawberries don't keep very well 草莓不易保鮮 the meat will keep for a few days 這些肉可以保持幾天不變質
    • 7. 能耽擱 this is very important: it won't keep! 這很重要:耽擱不得! I've got something to tell you — will it keep till tomorrow? 我有話對你說──等明天再說好嗎?


    • 1. 生活費用 to pay for sb.'s keep 支付某人的生活費 to work for one's keep 為糊口而工作
    • 2. 城堡主樓


    • 1. 永遠 I'm home for keeps this time 這次回到家我再也不離開了