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  1. keep (or sleep in) a whole skin

    • ph.
      escape being wounded or injured
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      ... manufacturing a good skin piece by his name namelyIn... for fix the saddle use of keep grain canvas sash to be applied... of the couture teacher as whole series businessArticle creativity...

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      痤瘡是有 macules 、 papules 的特點的 pilosebaceous 的慢性激動疾病,膿泡和,有時,小節、包囊和疤痕。痤瘡的 primarylesion 是面泡。 痤瘡在早期的青春期中最時常開始,藉由女性出發比男性早。 然而, Comedones 能像 8 或 9 歲一樣的早出現...

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      ...dedication is the model of whole world, she once said"Keep the joy of loving poor...quot;Virtuous thunder a kind of insect nun during a lifetime...give, probably we shouldn't skin a flint own ability again, ...