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  1. keep a lid on

    • ph.
      keep (an emotion or process) from going out of control
  2. 知識+

    • 幫我把英文翻成中文

      We have tried to keep a lid on this, but we cannot keep it quiet any ...是用水煮的 Dim sum comes in basket with a lid on it. 港式點心大都裝在一個有蓋子的籃子裡 You...

    • 航空運輸的英文翻譯 !!!

      ... into price fixing and fuel surcharges could keep a lid─somewhat─on huge security surcharge down the road. 一些運輸部門的官員說近來司法部對價格制定...

    • English Vocabulary(2)

      ...很明顯的看出她在音樂方面有很大的潛力了。 4. You must always keep the lid on the jar to keep ___ out. (A)contaminants 妳一定要把罐蓋蓋緊,以免髒物掉進罐子裡。 5. ...