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  1. keep aloof from

    • ph.
      不參與某事物; 對某人無友好表示
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    • 1. 不參與某事物; 對某人無友好表示 He kept aloof from the crowd. 他遠離人群。


    不參與某事物; 對某人無友好表示

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      aloof; remote to drift apart; to become estranged; to keep sb. at a distance alienate 使疏遠;離間[(+from)] alienation 疏遠;離間 alienative 使疏遠的 alienator...形容詞 adjective)相隔很遠的,遙遠的;偏僻的[(+from)]She taught in a remote village...

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      ...difficult to realize, looks like me to want from the matter judicature system's work, is likely...sentence lives also sentences dies, keeps aloof the dream which this will be I will not realize for...

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      ...看似矛盾。其實有解。 you 常常 = one You can't tell the boys from the grils. 男女孩分不清。-- 大家都分不清。不只'你'。 所以日常...