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  1. keep an open mind

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    • 1. 願聽取(或接受、考慮)別人的意見(或想法等) I'm not convinced your idea will work, but I'll keep an open mind for the moment. 我還沒想通是否你的意見可行, 不過我先考慮一下。



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    • 煩情達人指導英文"心空方能容物"

      ...煩惱執著的力道會弱些。從這個角度來理解,那英文這麼寫,應該還算相關吧? Keep an open mind to accept and accommodate new ideas, values, knowledge, or even different...

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      ... the eldest sister of them. ---OK She is always keeps an open mind, although she has a very poor sense of direction. -- is --> X...

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      ...表示友誼是這部電影想要表答的主旨. 16. It is important _____ we keep an open mind. (B) that. 句型: It is + adj. + that + s. + v. 表示我們要敞開...