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    • keep one's temper用法一問

      ...opposite of lose one's temper.) 2011-07-16 17:29:51 補充: temper = a frame of mind keep [sb] in temper = keep [sb] in a frame of mind make [sb] out of temper = make [sb] burst out anger

    • 請幫我用10個片語變成英文文章!!(急)謝謝

      ...with (應該是be fed up with受夠了) 2.keep it quiet(安靜點) 3.used to...twice(在想一遍) 8.lose one's mind(發瘋了) 9.have a difficult time +...一個很困難的時刻處理什麼東西) advance(事前) 用這個十個片語編成...

    • Noble Poth

      ...拋去貪念,心懷慈悲是很好的行為。 It is still better to keep one's mind intent on respectng the Noble Poth 更好的是內心專注於保持對...