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    • Fascinating中文涵義是甚麼?

      fascinating + maintain health and keep one's figure in shape in a carefree manner Maintaining health and keeping one's...

    • 請幫我翻譯一句英文句子

      keep someone's fingers crossed for somebody crossed 就等於手指交叉的意思(被動語態) 手指交叉當然就是...另外.........一些cross的意思.....多看看 n.[C] 1. 十字形;十字形記號 This island is in the shape of a cross. 該島呈十字形。 2. 十字架 Jean wears a tiny golden cross. 琴戴著一隻小小的金十字架...

    • 一篇英文作文批改!非常感謝!

      ...meat (meet=見面≠肉    To sum up, try to take the ways mentioned above to keep in shape, and you can make your body much healthier than before!       建議用much去修飾 說明- (紅字...