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    keep one's end up

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    • 請幫我看一下這一句的文法~15點 thing, it means you actually do the stuff in your things. Or if you keep continue doing it, you will 2. end up is a phrase, 片語. 3. doing, why do+ing, because you do these thing everytime, it's...

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      ...再用動詞, 此處須用現在分詞(因已發生,不用不定詞to+V) 23.D. ended up running ... 結果是撞到... ended up+ Ving 24.B. ...

    • 英文片語+例句 eye on 監視 The mother keeps an eye on the kid. in change...change of today's climate. 9.come up with 想出 I really come up... old mother. 11.make both ends meet 結果 He made...