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    keep one's eye on the ball

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    • 英文片語造句 ...大大幫忙一下(急..請儘快)

      ...time要2個造句 I usually read on the train to kill time. What... her place and keeps quiet. You should know ... boss with respect! 5. keep an eye on要2個造句 I want to stay...

    • 請幫我造英文的句子

      ...s not right 你不應該踢你的狗 那是不對的 1. let's keep in touch with e-mail 讓我們用電子郵件保持聯絡 2. we...沒有這個字吧 只有 know 知道 1. I have to keep an eye on my mom's soup 我需要幫我媽留意他的湯 2. can...

    • 〝急〞常用高中英文片語、承接語、結論(15點喔>”<!!)

      ...斷絕 break out爆發 break up打碎 set fire to sth./set sth. on fire放火/焚燒 set forth出發、提出 set sb. off送行 set...跑腿 run out of用完 run over輾過 run up to跑到 keep an eye on留意 keep house做家事 keep/bear in mind記住 keep on繼續...