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    keep one's figure

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    • Fascinating中文涵義是甚麼?

      fascinating + maintain health and keep one's figure in shape in a carefree manner Maintaining health and keeping one'...

    • 保持好身材英文怎麼說

      (1) get into shape stay fit stay in shape keep in shape keep fit keep one's figurekeep 較好 fine /good 等形容詞都可 那是常用的口語,fit的意思也不只健康而已 (2)皆可以 或者If you take my advice,you will get better.

    • 7個英文片語造句

      ...figure out After thorough investigation I can finally figure out what his purpose is. 經過詳細的調查後...不論你能否完成你的部份,整個計劃會如期繼續進行。 keep one's distance It is better to keep...