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    keep one's head

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    • Head Up是啥意思?

      keep one's head up 別垂頭喪氣(原意把頭抬高, 有時用於性暗示意味) 也可作 keep one's chin up I don't mean anything special. I just want to keep your head up. 我沒有特別的意思.我只是要你別垂頭喪氣

    • 急需迪克生31~32

      ...through/use up經歷/用完/通過(案子) go without saying不用說 put(someone) on捉弄 keep one's head沉著 lose one's head失控 narrow-minded/broad-minded心胸狹窄 stand up...

    • 有關sports的idioms翻譯...急!!!

      ...s sails = to cause one to lose 使某人失敗(把風拿掉船就不動了) 11 to keep one's head above water = to stay alive 為生存而掙扎(頭在水面下就不能呼吸了) 12 to drop...