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  1. keep one's nose clean

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    • 1. 避免犯錯;不要授人以柄;潔身自好 It's important for the college freshman to keep his nose clean. 對大學新生而言潔身自好是很重要的。
    • 2. 【軍】避免飲酒
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    • 身體英文俚語~急

      ... was the one who lost out on a good opportunity to meet many new people. keep one`s nose clean - stay out of trouble 不惹事 不跟麻煩沾上關係 The judge told the...

    • and you stay out of ok這句是什麼意思?

      ...是 and you stay out of trouble , ok ? 翻譯 你別惹事 好嗎? 相同意思的厘語 keep one`s nose clean 所以也可寫成 keep your nose clean 品味生活 關心您的生活

    • 請問蓮花出淤泥而不染英文要如何說?

      出淤泥而不染: keep oneself unsoptted from the world. ex:Who can keep himself unsoptted from the world?(誰能出淤泥而不染呢?) 潔身自愛:Keep one's nose clean.