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  1. keep pace

    • ph.
      同樣的速度前進; 跟上
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    • 1. 同樣的速度前進; 跟上 He walked so fast that the child could hardly keep pace. 他走得那麼快, 孩子跟不上了。 It's important for a firm to keep pace with changes in the market. 對一個公司來說, 能跟上市場的發展是很重要的。


    同樣的速度前進; 跟上

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      In order to keep pace with the/keep up with the fashion, she spent a lot of time and money. 2005-03-30 18...

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      ...解釋、說明、形容」increases are keeping 則是動詞 (to keep pace with -> 與...齊步同進、與...並駕齊驅 ) increases in efficiency 則跟...

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      ... a keen ear for mouses. 我的貓對老鼠有很敏銳的耳力 8.keep pace with... 跟上 ... I can't keep pace with you, please slow down. 我跟不上你...