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  1. keep quiet

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    • 1. 保持安靜 The teacher asked the students to keep quiet. 老師要求學生們保持安靜。
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    • 困擾已久的文法問題?

      1. You must keep quiet for a few days. 你...用來修飾整個動詞片語(be quiet)用。(情狀副詞片語)。 2. You must keep in touch with the touch本身很少單獨存在,keep in touch幾乎快變成慣用語...

    • keep 及 maintain 有何不同 ??

      ...及物動詞 intransitive verb) 1.保持著某一狀態[Q][L] Please keep quiet. 請保持安靜。 2.(食物)保持不壞 Will this food keep in hot weather...

    • 可以教我這些字該怎麼翻成英文嗎

      Keep quiet, Stop screaming shut up let us do more thinking...