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  1. keep regular hours

    • ph.
      do the same thing at the same time every day, especially getting up and going to bed
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    • 請問這個英文問題We should get into the

      我查了字典 keep good hours = keep early hours = keep regular hours 我覺得會有這樣的等號關係 是因為一般人都同意早睡早起就是好...

    • make a promise到底加to V還是of Ving

      ...的名詞在邏輯上的主人。 同理,Neil has made a habit of keeping regular hours.(此句的動詞不宜用現在簡單式),用of表示屬性,邏輯上比較清楚。 Neil...

    • 這些單字我突然望記

      ...的開車行程。 hourly adj.每一小時的 相關片語: by the hour 按時計算 keep good hours=keep regular hours 過規律的生活