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  1. keep sb. up

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    • 1. 使某人不能去睡覺 I do hope we're not keeping you up. 我希望我們沒有耽誤你睡覺。
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    • 〝急〞常用高中英文片語、承接語、結論(15點喔>”<!!)

      ...捏造、化妝 make up one's mind下定決心 run across/into sb(sth)不期而遇 run away逃跑 run errends跑腿 run out of用完 run over輾過 run up to跑到 keep an eye on留意 keep house做家事 keep/bear in mind記住 keep...

    • 英文片語求救^ ^

      你好 1. go all out 全力以赴 拼命做 2. ....我也沒有看過... sorry 3.(筆)沒水了 4.(車) 沒油了 (*註: run out of 有 用完 用光 的意思) 6.保持聯絡(尚可用 keep in touch 或 keep contact with sb) up 吃光了 8.get to know 知道 知曉

    • 關於英文抖幾個成語

      ...s ear 5. give sb a bloody nose by a nose nose to tail turn your nose up lead sb by a nose 6. by all mouth keep your mouth shut a mouth to feed put your money where your...