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  1. keep someone quiet

    • prevent someone from speaking or from disclosing something secret
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    • 英文翻譯達人請進 幫我翻譯英文句子

      ...applause without relinquishing their sense of modesty, the trick is keeping quiet and allowing someone else to show off for them. 如果想獲得掌聲卻不失謙遜,就保持低調...

    • 英文used to, keep的用法

      ...介系詞from的受詞 2015-04-29 18:01:41 補充: If someone or something keep you from a particular action, they prevent you from ... 2015-04-29 18:09:38 補充: keep quiet = keep being quiet 所以quiet/being quiet...

    • 英文短篇故事的結論!!

      ...know anthing of something, the best one is to keep quiet. Do not put your shortage in front of .... It would be pathetic if you have to pretend someone else to live. There is a best seller...