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  1. keep something quiet

    • ph.
      refrain from disclosing information about something; keep something secret
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    • 英文used to, keep的用法

      ...受詞 2015-04-29 18:01:41 補充: If someone or something keep you from a particular action, they prevent you from = smoking 2015-04-29 18:09:38 補充: keep quiet = keep being quiet 所以quiet/being quiet是...

    • 英文短篇故事的結論!!

      ... is golden.」Haha... If you don't know anthing of something, the best one is to keep quiet. Do not put your shortage in front of others automatically. ...

    • 有關英文句子翻譯及寫作

      在遇到問題與麻煩保持沉默和順應某些事情是一樣的嗎? war & peace 是戰爭與和平吧 我覺得 你可以就照字面吧 戰爭是為了反對而戰 如果接受不同意見,就是和平的解決事情了 朝這個方向下去吧>.< 希望有幫助到你喔 ps: going along 應該是不要用引號框...