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  1. keep something quiet (or keep quiet about something)

    • ph.
      refrain from disclosing information about something; keep something secret
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    • 英文used to, keep的用法

      ...想要喝一杯。(可以不需要ving) keep + doing =持續做... try to keep from doing something, you try to stopo yourself from...2015-04-29 18:09:38 補充: keep quiet = keep being quiet 所以quiet...

    • 如何評價這個文章?

      ...happy. Only thing you can do, show him/her how much you care about him/her. Give him/her your support.

    • ~請大家幫個忙~翻譯課要用的~

      ...than tissue paper, she’ll just keep turning her music up...when you go tout for drinks, a quiet word then and there will work put it off and later say something you regret. 不要把問題拖太久...