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  1. keep sth. back

    • ph.
      使某事物不能移動; 阻止某事物;不將某物付給某人
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    • 1. 使某事物不能移動; 阻止某事物 Millions of gallons of water are kept back by the dam. 這個堤壩攔住了滔滔的洪水。 She was unable to keep back her tears. 她無法忍住淚水。
    • 2. 不將某物付給某人 A certain percentage of your salary is kept back by your employer as an insurance payment. 僱主扣下你部分薪金作保險金用。


    使某事物不能移動; 阻止某事物

    • ph.
      拒不將某事告訴某人; 隱瞞某事物 I'm sure she's keeping something back from us. 我肯定她向我們隱瞞什麼。