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  1. keep sth. down

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    • 1. 不抬起(身體某部分) Keep your head down! 不要抬頭!
    • 2. 不吐出來 The medicine was so horrid I couldn't keep it down. 這藥這麼難吃, 我吃不下去。
    • 3. 使某事物處於低水平; 壓抑某事物 keep down wages, prices, the cost of living, etc. 保持低工資、低價格、低生活費等
    • 4. 不使某物滋生或生長 Keep your voices down; your mother's trying to get some sleep. 小點聲, 你媽媽要睡覺了。 use chemicals to keep pests down 用化學藥品消滅害蟲