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    keep the ball rolling
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    keep the ball roll ng

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    • 我有幾個英文單字不會,麻煩跟我説一下...

      ...任務所花的時間 naturalness 自然性(沒有扭捏或受限制) louder 比較大聲的 keep the ball rolling 繼續維持著(控制著狀況)

    • 英文文法選擇

      ...本題:His gins were kept hidden in the basement. e. 因為were是不及物動詞,在....C. 6.( ) I set the ball ___ down the hill. (A) roll (B) rolls (C) rolling...

    • 求英文翻譯-節能省電救地球!!(20點)

      ...keep a long-term use on a light tube or bulb, we can keep the light on provided that we will come back within... agree with me, let’s get the ball rolling. 2009-10-12 15:08:50 補充: PS: 若是直譯...