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  1. keep up

    • vi.
    • vt.
      使不下落;使…繼續下去; 繼續; 沿襲
    • 釋義


    • 1. 跟上 I managed to keep up by taking work home in the evenings 我把工作帶回家晚上做才跟上了進度
    • 2. 保持同步
    • 3. 跟上功課 to have no difficulty keeping up 跟上功課毫無困難
    • 4. 同步增長 inflation is rising so fast that wages can't keep up 通貨膨脹迅速加劇,工資很難同步增長
    • 5. 持續不停
    • 6. 理解 she changes her mind so often, I can't keep up 她主意變來變去,讓我無所適從


    • 1. 使不下落 you won't be able to keep your umbrella up in this wind 風這麼大,你沒法打傘的 six pillars keep the roof up 6根柱子支撐著屋頂
    • 2. 使…繼續下去; 繼續; 沿襲 I can't keep this up for long 我堅持不了多久 to keep up the bombardment all night 持續轟炸一整夜
    • 3. 保持 to keep one's spirits up 保持高昂的情緒 to keep up moral standards 維持道德標準
    • 4. 使不能睡覺 I hope I haven't kept you up 希望我沒有耽誤你睡覺
  2. 知識+

    • keep up with the Jonese

      Keeping up with the Jones'.  這句話的意思,是別人有什麼,自己也想要,那東西不一定有實質的作用,只為了充場面,愛面子。  Keep up with 是趕上、追隨的意思,Jones’ 泛指鄰人朋友或生活周遭的人,合起...

    • keep up with 和 catch up with

      版主您好, keep up with 與 catch up with 兩者都無超越的意思,但有少許不同。 Keep up with...並無落後太多的意思。舉例來說:某人對時事都頗有深度的了解,您就可以用 keep up with 來形容。 造句舉例:Tim always trys to keep up with current...

    • keep your chin up的意思~

      keep your chin up的意思~ 如題 這句idiom的意思! 不是依照字面翻譯...晚報 , 在給健康歡樂品質的妙語短文記載如下 : "Keep your chin up. Don't take your troubles to bed...