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  1. keep up (also keep up with)

    • ph.
      move or progress at the same rate as someone or something else;meet a commitment to pay or do something regularly
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    • keep up with the Jonese

      Keeping up with the Jones'.  這句話的意思,是別人有什麼,自己...的表徵,是被你肯定的,因此別人有,你也要有,這就叫做 keeping up with Jones'。  這句的由來是一個真人真事的典故,在1913年...

    • keep up with 和 catch up with

      版主您好, keep up with 與 catch up with 兩者都無超越的意思,但有少許不同。 Keep up with...並無落後太多的意思。舉例來說:某人對時事都頗有深度的了解,您就可以用 keep up with 來形容。 造句舉例:Tim always trys to keep up with current ...

    • 急!!!!幫我造英文句子!!!!!!

      1.keep up We need to keep up with our good job. make progress We have made a great progress on English speaking. 3.a few days later My daddy will come back a few days later.