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  1. keep up appearances

    • ph.
      maintain an impression of wealth or well-being
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    • ph.
      maintain an impression of wealth or well-being, typically to hide the true situation

    Oxford American Dictionary

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    • 用英文回答這些商業英文的句子..thanks

      ... seen in the offices quite regularly it's important that keep up with their appearances. Like all employees they should dress appropriately, and this depends...

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      翻譯: 如果我說錯了話,那好,我會閉嘴並離你遠遠的 但是我覺得這句話真的很怪=.= 我會說... If my parlance of my appearance is a mistake, that's good, I will shut up with the very result and keep you off. 參考看看囉~