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    keep a watch over

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    • 翻譯網頁內容與如何使用

      ...所寄出的信件以被閱讀過 Track Word and XL files Keep watch over your Microsoft Office documents to see when/where...

    • 請問這一句的英文(我願意一生守在你的身邊)是什麼?

      再給您一個版本參考: 我願意一生守在你的身邊,冬天做你的棉被,夏天做你的電風扇。加油添醋版:I pledge to keep watch over you all through my life – as your personal blanket in the winter, and a faithful cool breeze for you in the summer.

    • ”難忘的經驗”翻譯~急需

      ...sister to go shopping, shall I stay in the public otherly, want the granddad to keep close watch over me And has brought the elder sister and ridden...