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  1. keep ... out of

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    • ph.
    • 1. 不讓某人或某物進入(某處)

      Keep that dog out of my study! 別讓那條狗進我的書房!

      She wore a hat to keep the sun out of her eyes. 她戴著帽子遮陽, 保護眼睛。



    • ph. 避免捲入其中

    • The cook keeps everybody out of kitchen while he is working. 廚師幹活時, 不讓任何人進入廚房。

      I hope you'll keep him out of trouble while I'm away. 我希望, 我走了以後, 你別讓他惹事。

    • ph. 置身於…之外

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    • ph. 脫離危險,躲得遠遠的,不受傷害,安然無恙

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    • [keep out of] 和[ keep out]

      ...跑出去 (比較強調門) ran out the door = 跑出門去 (比較強調出去) 另外﹕ keep out of the rain: keep out of -- the rain 保持在雨水之外 = 不要走入雨裡 = 不要淋雨 keep...

    • 請問keep your big noses out of t

      ...加入big只代表你的好奇心, 代表你很喜歡介入別人的事情 例如: Please keep your nose out of other people's private affairs. 請別介入他人的私事 2008-07...

    • You kids keep out of my yar英翻中

      Your kids keep out of my yard! 請你的小孩離開我的院子 請你的小孩不要靠近我的院子 供你參考!