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  1. kept

    • KK[kɛpt]
    • DJ[kept]


    • keep的動詞過去式、過去分詞
    • 相關詞
    • vt.
    • I kept it all the time to remind me of you. 我一直保存著它,以此喚起我對你的記憶。
    • vi.
    • Please keep quiet. 請保持安靜。
    • n.
    • n.[U] 保管,保存;看守

    • She left her jewelry in her sister's keeping. 她把首飾交給姊姊保管。

    • keep的名詞複數

    • vt.
    • to keep sth. clean/dry 使某物保持清潔/乾燥

      to keep sb. awake/amused 使某人醒著/開心

    • vi.
    • to keep warm/calm/fit 保持溫暖/鎮靜/健康

      to keep on good terms with sb. 與某人保持良好關係

    • n.
    • to pay for sb.'s keep 支付某人的生活費

      to work for one's keep 為糊口而工作

    • adv
    • I'm home for keeps this time 這次回到家我再也不離開了
    • n.
    • in sb.'s keeping, in the keeping of sb. 由某人保管

      to put or leave sb./sth. in sb.'s keeping 把某人/某事物交給某人照管

    • prep
    • to be in keeping with the surroundings 與周圍渾然一體

      not in keeping with what we expected 與我們的預期不一致

    • 諧調,一致

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    • 生計,維持,保持保持,保存,遵守,看守,整理,維持,履行,瞻養,經營,拘留

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    • IPA[kept]



    • pt
    • keep的過去式和過去分詞

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