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  1. keyboarded

    • keyboard的動詞過去式、過去分詞
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    • MIDI Keyboard 沒有聲音

      現在請接上你的 MIDI Keyboard (這大概是指你購買的 MIDI Keyboard 有連接...作業軟體應該可以用, 不過你可以看一下你所購買的MIDI Keyboard 包裝上應該會有系統要求說明

    • english keyboard

      What you need is the Chinese software, the keyboard is not that important! I will update my answer later to help you! Good Luck! JenJen from New York City, USA

    • Type Chinese on Eng. keyboard

      I think the above answers assume you have a Chinese system. If you start from an English one, another way is to download free Chinese typing software specifically developed for English systems. The one I'...