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  1. kick off

    • ph.
      踢脫(鞋子等); 踢開;離開
    • 釋義


    • 1. 踢脫(鞋子等); 踢開 He entered the room and kicked off his shoes. 他走進屋子, 把鞋踢掉。 The dog attacked me, biting my ankle, but I kicked him off. 狗向我進攻, 咬我的腳踝, 我將它踢開了。
    • 2. 離開 Well, I really must kick off now. 嗯, 我真的該走了。
    • 3. (機器等)出故障 The old washing machine has kicked off again. 那台舊洗衣機又不轉動了。
    • 4. (足球)開球 United kicked off and scored almost immediately. 聯隊開球後旋即得分。