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  1. kick out


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    • 1. 解僱 The boss kicked him out for an offensive remark. 老板因為他說了一句冒犯的話就把他開除了。
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    • 請問 get a kick out of 是什麼意思?

      get a kick out of: 從某件事得到樂趣。例句:I get a kick out of singing.He gets a kick out of fishing.They get a kick out of party.

    • 請幫我造英文的句子

      ...他只花了兩分鐘就打打對手了 kick 應該不是指自責 應該是 踢 1. he just get kick out by his girlfriend 他剛剛被他女朋友趕出門 2. you should not kick you dog that...

    • 問 英美語文習慣用語 翻譯 hang the moon for my husband but my son let the cat (out of the bag) 3. get a kick out of it 刺激的快感; 極度的興奮 Watching the two men fight, ...