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  1. kick up

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    • 1. 抬高 He kicked the bid up another thousand. 他把出價又抬高了一千元。
    • 2. 激起 Mary kicked up such a fuss when her husband returned home late. 瑪麗的丈夫回家晚了, 她便大吵一場。
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    • 請問 kick up the pants 這英文俚語

      Both "kick in the pants" and "kick up the pants" are used in daily...kick in the pants". By the way, "kick in the pants" can be used as an adjective...

    • 英文問題,英文大師請回答

      ...disturbance gather together and cause a commotion kick up a fuss(起哄 )~惹麻煩 kick up a row (起哄 )~引起...惹麻煩 She is the kind of person who will kick up a fuss about a very trivial matter 她是那種為一點小事...

    • It is time to kick it up a not

      Notch: 攀岩繩上的一個個結點 It is time to kick it up a notch. = Go harder 到了該有點進展的時候了 到了該再努力, 加把勁的時候了