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  1. kidney failure

    • n.
      severe failure of the kidneys to function properly
    • noun: kidney failure

    • 釋義
    • n.
    • 1. severe failure of the kidneys to function properly:

      last year, my father was diagnosed with kidney failure

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      ...礦物而言的)植物 2. Coma 3. blossom virgin..是處女, 有開包這辭嗎 4. kidney failure 5. sleep talk 6. 抱歉不知道ㄋㄟ 7. tomb sweeping 8. ancestor worship 9...

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      ...poison will cause the mankind to suffer from the cancer , cause the inborn defect , will cause the kidney failure of cat and dog too. 希望幫的到你喔

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      ...exercise.The most common form of diabetes can lead to heart disease, vision loss and kidney failure. 此情況是因飲食含高糖, 高脂肪且缺乏運動量所造成. 最常見的糖尿病形式可能...