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  1. kill with (or by) kindness

    • ph.
      spoil with overindulgence
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    • haints這個字,是甚麼意思?

      ... can also mean a scary bitch or mean person, usually a woman. Example: I tried to kill her with kindness, but that haint is just full up with meanness.

    • 寫一篇essay 關於Night by Elie Weise

      ... because of his kindness. He seemed to be...break the rules, you will be killed. It was common knowledge...this, they were just overcome with hunger and could not think strait...

    • 片語的種類除了介係詞片語還有哪些

      ...tell a lie.      4. This is the man killed by a robber.   {5} 副詞片語      1. She treated him with kindness.      2. I am sorry to give you trouble...