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    • 和服,婦女穿著的寬大晨衣
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    • 有關於日本浴衣的文章(英文翻譯問題)

      Bathrobe(ゆかた)is one kind of the kimono, it is a kind of clothing during summer in...sleeve straight line. But different from grander kimono, the bathrobe is made of cotton quality but not...

    • 幫我中文翻成英文(20點)

      和服的禮儀: Kimono etiquette 站立或走路的方法:Standing or walking...gently put both hand on the knee. If wearing long sleeve kimono must pay attention do not let the sleeve contact the ground...

    • 請問以下詞彙的英文

      和服 kimono 翻花繩=翻線遊戲 cat's cradle 劍玉球 kendama 陀螺 top 或 ...