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  1. kind

    • IPA[kaɪnd]



    • n.
    • adv
    • 名詞複數:kinds

    • 釋義


    • 1. 種類 all or various kinds of people/activities, 各種各樣的人/活動 I like tennis, squash, that kind of thing 我喜歡網球、壁球之類的運動
    • 2. 某類人 I know his kind 我了解他這類人 one's (own) kind 同類的人


    • 1. 在本質上 the regions differ in size, but not in kind 這些地區大小不同,但實際上並無區別
    • 2. 有幾分 I kind of like him 我有點喜歡他 I kind of thought/heard that ... 我傾向於認為/好像聽說…
  2. 知識+

    • kind的意思到底是啥?

      kind  圖片參考: ) 1. 衷心的 《例句》 Give my kind regards to your brother. 請代我向你...kind of books are... 這樣的書… many kinds of people 許多種人 What kind of (【口】a) man...

    • different kind of prepositioin

      The key is "kind". Depending upon what you use "kind" for: (a)If "kind... "essential nature or character" (性質, 本質), then you use "kind". As far as "preposition" is concerned, it would...

    • Kinds of的用法

      Kind型態,種類 one kind 一種型態,種類,所以單數 two kinds 兩種型態,種類,所以複數(大於1) different kinds 多型態,種類,所以複數(大於1) two kinds of fruit---fruit意旨水果,屬於...