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  1. kindnesses

    • kindness的名詞複數
    • 相關詞
    • n.[( 仁慈;和藹;好意[U]

    • She was known to all for her kindness. 她的仁慈人人皆知。

    • n. 好意

    • to show sb. kindness, to show kindness to or towards sb. 向某人表示善意

      to show sb. nothing but kindness 以一片善意對待某人

    • U仁慈

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    • ph. 純真友愛,純真愛情;慈愛,摯愛

    • n. 慈愛;仁慈

    • ph. 純真友愛,純真愛情;慈愛,摯愛

    • 慈愛,仁慈

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    • ph. 不友好地,無情地

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    • ph. 世界有愛日

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    • 問英文諺語kindness is never wasted

      ...補充: 也就是說,您若把這裡的waste (浪費)詮釋成「無法使他人獲益」,那麼kindness is never wasted就是「勿以善小而不為」。 您若把這裡的waste詮釋...

    • 請教英文高手 What is ”kindness?”

      Kindness is when you on the bus or MRT to yield a seat for the one who really needed. Helping older to cross a road or street ,or anything else.For give people when they made a mistake.

    • 請問 kindliness 跟 kindness 有何不同~

      ...: 慈愛;溫和 (從kindle����申而來,故偏於“溫暖“ 的和善) Kindness:是好意,仁慈的意思 Kindness 多半是用來“好意“幫助人的方面...