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    • 【急死人】幫忙翻譯一下

      ... The Scorpion King. Hera: Oh, dear the king of my scorpion, give your jab with ur thorn. 旁白:隔天 奧裡爾一如往常再草原上展現他的雄壯威武 Narrtor: ...

    • 急!!!! 關於英文的諺語 (我一直翻不出來><)

      ... its roses and thorns. 每個人的生活都有玫瑰和刺(意謂...一面)。 3.Water is the king in California farmlands...4.He has the reputation of being a blood-sucker. 他有吸血鬼...

    • 求助中翻英高手!贈15點!

      ...quot;water spinach soup" with the kind of water spinach, boiled to the soft King of cold mountainKing of the mountain is where the vegetables...