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    kiss and makeup
  1. kiss and make up

    • become reconciled
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    • become reconciled

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    • 英文用法幫我ㄧ下

      ...後面接名詞。不是不定詞,所以後面不接動詞。 二、makeup是化妝品,make up是片語,意思很多 Which dress...遲到了。我請你吃晚飯作為補償。 Let's kiss and make up. 我們握手言和吧。 She likes to...

    • 明天要oral的內容,能否幫忙翻譯!!我每次翻得很不流暢。

      ...that I loved; my toys, makeup, and clothing. Whatever I ... time! Remember high school? You kissed my prom date in front of everyone!Karin...

    • 用英文介紹自己喜歡的類型 (20點 really cool. He'd have really pale makeup with the heavy black eyeliner and those lines french mimes have on...height or taller because if I kissed him, it would be so romantic if I...