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  1. kiss up to

    • behave sycophantically or obsequiously toward (someone) in order to obtain something
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    • behave sycophantically or obsequiously towards (someone) in order to obtain something

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    • To make it up

      To make it up 是 彌補 的意思 因為上次他遲到了 所以要想個辦法彌補他上次的過失 不知這是不是你所要問的 make up for 也是一個常用的片語 譬如: To make up for being late last time, I will take you out to dinner.

    • devil may care saunter 英翻中

      ...i/tw/ugc/rte/smiley_14.gif He'd always walk up to his airplane in a kind of saunter, 他總是會用一, 一把攫住那等在這兒的女孩 give her a kiss. 給她一個吻 圖片參考:

    • 急~急~急~求職場基本英文單字

      ...janitor 工友,管理員 keep something straight 分得清楚 keep up 趕上 keep track of 隨時掌握 kiss up to 拍馬屁