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  1. kitchen scale

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    • 請幫忙翻譯5句英文句子

      當新材料發展出來,一項新的發明通常會帶動另一項發明。鋼鐵的普及利用則是在十九世紀由工程師研發出的。 旅館和登記有案之公司,在客人進住或進入時,需提示有照片之身份證明。 在廚房裡你可以看到用以加料(量杯)、稱重(磅秤、砝碼)、量溫(烹飪溫度計)等之量具...

    • 急需幫忙~~請問可以誰可以聽完一段英文解出下面問題的答案

      ... the factory system to the back of the restaurant kitchen.2. They trained each worker just do one thing...uniformity, comformity and cheapness applied widely and on a large scale has all kinds of unintented consequences...

    • 英翻中(房子(屋)介紹)--謝絕翻譯軟體,網頁直譯

      ...構造, . 竟用1,740 噸的混凝土為框架呢 ! The sheer scale of the living and entertaining areas...and schist complement the rugged terrain of the exterior. The kitchen is the hub as it divides formal living...