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    knight age
  1. knightage

    • IPA[ˈnʌɪtɪdʒ]


    • n.
      a list of knights.
    • noun: knightage, plural noun: knightages

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    • 英翻中 Knights Temper

      ... Solomonici), popularly known as the Knights Templar or the Order of the Temple...approximately two centuries in the Middle Ages, was created in the aftermath of the ...

    • 這句的Middle Ages要怎麼翻

      ... Ages本來是指歐洲中世紀早期的“黑暗時代”,而Middle Ages(中世紀)正是以騎士(knights)著稱的時代。Middle Ages是中世紀沒錯

    • 關於”code of chivalry”

      ...code of chvalry is the rule for knights to follow in the Middle Age. For example, knights should help non-combanants and be loyal to their king. Why...