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  1. knightly

    • IPA[ˈnʌɪtli]


    • adj.
      associated with or typical of a knight; chivalrous
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    • IPA[ˈnītlē]


    • adj.
      associated with or typical of a knight; chivalrous: a knightly quest

    Oxford American Dictionary

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    • 有沒有ly結尾的形容詞 ??

      hourly daily weekly fortnightly monthly yearly ugly homely manly friendly lovely princely willy-nilly hilly saintly chilly spindly swelly wobbly bristly holy knightly knobbly kingly earthly godly goodly gravelly grisly gristly 想不太出來了:S

    • 中古時期特色

      ..., medieval romance is applied to writing, presenting knightly adventures and courtly love. Sir Gawain and the Green...

    • 我要D.B.P.R.K.N.M.H的這些英文所有形容詞

      ... 令人筋疲力盡的、kindred 同族的、kooky 瘋狂的、knowing 會意的、knightly 騎士的、knotty 複雜的、kosher 合適的、knockabout 漫遊的、knockdown 擊倒的、kittenish...