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  1. knit up

    • ph.
      編織; 補;結束
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    • 1. 編織; 補 She could knit a torn sleeve up. 她能織補撕破的袖子。
    • 2. 結束 They knitted up the debate briefly. 他們匆匆結束了辯論。


    編織; 補

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      "close-knit" 用來形容家庭就是關係親密, 互相親近. "close-knit family" 跟 "close...一起, 並非鬆散, 而是互相人際關係親密, 是一個關係親近的家庭, 密不可分. close-knit (klsnt) adj. Held tightly together, as by social or cultural ties: a close...

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